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Passive House is:

-a well designed building envelope that minimizes energy consumption

-applicable to any climate

-affordable to build and operate

-comfortable, even through extended power outages


Passive Houses are designed using computer simulation software to optimize the building envelope and calculate the overall energy usage before construction begins.

This carefull planning results in a design that will deliver a comfortable, sustainable as well as affordable building.

Heating loads are reduced to as low as 10% of standard construction.

Building costs are typically 5% to 15% more than standard construction.

Indoor air quality is superior compared to any other construction methods meaning higher health and greater comfort for occupants.

Andy Lera

is a Certified Passive House Consultant through Passive House Institute of the United States.






Services offered

Pasive House Consulting

     -To optimize your building design

     -We use computer modelling to help you make the right        choices before construction begins


Product research and procurement

     -We will find the best products for your project


Energy efficiency upgrades

      -To lower your energy bills, forever


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