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How I found Passive House

I have lived in many different homes.

What I consistently noticed was large fluctuations in the indoor temperatures.

I remember eating breakfast while literally leaning over the woodstove, trying to absorb as much heat as possible!

Or, reaching for the ice packs on a sweltering summer day...

I could tell how cold it was outside by how cold it was in the house in the morning, or how many times I stoked the fire at night.

The frost on the windows was so thick, it was impossible to see outside.

The woodpiles dwindled rapidly as the temperatures plummeted.

I thought: There must be a better way.

This is when I sought out solutions while visiting Scandinavia.

I thought: In a similar climate in Europe, they must have figured this out by now.

And I found out about Passive House.

This just seemed like a building method that made sense.

And changed my course in life, leading to my building of a Passive House.

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